Largest Variety of Jumping Castles For Hire To Choose From

Aussie Jump is the leading bouncy castle hire Melbourne service provider and extends its market reach to several other local service locations. They offer a wide selection of bouncy castles and other fun party inflatables to choose from for your private party, festival, fete or corporate function.

Of Different Sizes and Shapes

The items in stock come in different sizes including small bouncy castles for children under the age of 5. Medium sized castles that can comfortably accommodate children under the age of 12 are also available. Closer to the medium-sized units are the larger medium-sized castles that will require a little more set-up space but can comfortably hold kids under 16years old. The fun is not only limited to the kids, as there is an equally large variety of units for adults to choose from.

The bouncy castles also come in different designs and styles. There are themed castles that will definitely catch the attention of your kids as they are based around some of the most popular shows and characters. These include Batman, Disney Princess, Dora and Diego, Mickey Mouse Club House, Superman, Heroes, Minecraft, World of Disney among many others.

Every themed bouncy castle is an opportunity for the kids to tap into their imagination as they have adventurous fun jumping around. Apart from the common jumping area, the larger units also allow for a wide range of activities, including basketball hoops and a climb and slide area for hours of endless mixed-up fun. If you are an active adult you can be sure that you will also have plenty to engage in and your day will be just as much fun.

Pool of Suppliers

Aussie Jump brings together different suppliers within the convenient reach of just a simple click away. These are some of the most reputable names in the industry, which have become synonymous with guaranteed quality and reliable service delivery. You can be sure that any interaction with the suppliers will be with an insured professional, who is licensed to provide the services. Finding a service provider that will deliver on time is quit challenging but on the site you will find only the best suppliers conveniently in one location.

Site Navigation and Search

The format and layout of the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The products page is attractive, with a colorful spread of images and photos of the items on offer. You can refine your search by location and price, which will save you a lot of time. The online booking system is also very straightforward, making the whole experience quite satisfactory.

Additional services

While bouncy castle hire Melbourne may be the service that stands out most for Aussie Jump, you can also find other services such as party equipment rental services for slushie and cotton candy machines. Amusements for hire, entertainers, face painting and balloon twisting are also among such other services you can find on the site.

Bouncy castle hire Melbourne has never been as easy. Simply search for the item you wish to have at your next event, book it and you are in for a fun-packed day.





How To Throw The Best Kids Party

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Every kid deserves to have a really amazing party at one point in his or her life. It will be something memorable to look back on.

Every parent should endeavour to be able to give their kids the best. This also holds true for birthday parties. So how can we throw the best party for our kids? Here is a simple guide as to how we can achieve this:

  1. Think of a theme. Yes, even kids can have themes for their parties as well. This could be a favourite movie or something they are really interested. Either way, themes would then determine what kind of decorations we will need and what food to prepare.
  2. Think of useful decorations. One way to cut on cost is to be able to utilize the use of decorations into something else also. One example is balloons can serve as party favors at the same time can be used as decorations while the party is still going on. Another idea is to have a bouncy castle as part of your decoration but also could be used by kids during the party.
  3. Prepare food that is not only delicious but presented very creatively as well. Children are very visual and more often than not, they are attracted to food because they like what they see and not because they like what they taste. So make sure that the buffet is not only delicious, but it should be attractive to a kid’s eyes.
  4. Prepare fun and unique games. Probably the most awaited part for any kid’s party, the games are usually when kids have the most fun. They are able to play with a number of kids and they can also potentially win a prize. This seems like every kid’s dream come true.

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Five Things Kids Will Look For in Parties

Kids are fairly easy to please. They want the same things most of the time and that’s it. However, if they are unable to have the things that they want, then it would be a totally different story. Much is the same for parties for kids. Every kid loves a party but there are things that they would look for in a party. Without these things, the party wouldn’t be much fun for them. So in order to make the party fun for them, we have to make sure that everything they will look for in parties is available or will have at least a reasonable substitute.

There are many things that kids would look for in a party but we narrowed it down to five things that would make a whole lot of difference to the party. This would include:

  1. No party is complete without balloons. Well, at least for a kid’s party anyway. Balloons are a symbol of celebration and fun. Plus kids would love to bring home a balloon after the party.
  2. A party isn’t a party without a cake. So we often see the most elaborate and creative cakes during a kid’s party.
  3. Bouncy Castle. Kids love to play and bounce off walls. There better to do this than on a bouncy castle hire? Kids will surely appreciate having this addition around.
  4. Parties give kids a chance to play with a larger group of people. Also, it gives them a chance games they normally wouldn’t play. Add a prize at the end of the game and everyone is sure to join in on the fun.
  5. Loot bags. Kids will always look for that opportunity to take home goodies. Whether it is in the form of candies or toys, kids would love to be able to bring something home to continue the fun they had all day long.

Importance of online Marketing for Local Businesses

Online Marketing for local business is crucial to every business owner, as it aligns with the method clients make their buying decisions. Research by analysts say that, a huge number of clients make use of social sites and research for information on their mobile phones to find information on a specific product before making up their mind. Online marketing enables local business owners and clients to easily access continuous, and pocket friendly communication, showing the move away from mass advertising.


Internet market allows you to be available for business 24/7 without having worries on offline stores opening hours and paying your employes overtime. Offering your products on the web is easier for clients; They can surf your online shop at any time and order for products with ease.


By practicing online marketing for local business, you can get rid off distance barriers. You can easily sell your products in any region of your state without having to open outlets that will consume more money on rental bills to increase your target audience. You can also create a business that exports,by creating a network of distributors in different states. However, if you need to market globally, you should make use of local services to make sure that your products are relevant for the local market . Localization services comprise of translation and product renovation to show local market differences.


Advertising goods on the internet is cheaper than marketing them via an offline shops. You will not have too many costs on repair and maintenance. You will not need to replenish your shop with more stock. You will just need to make orders online , making sure that you spend less.


Online marketing allow you to privatize offers to clients by creating a profile after sales records and choices. By monitoring the website and product details that prospects view, you can implement targeted offers that will show their interest. The details available can boost the value of sales by clients.


The internet offers a crucial platform for creating public relations and boosting client retention levels. When a client buys a product from online shops, you can strengthen the relationship by sending them emails to inquire transaction and appreciate the client. You can also request the clients to post product reviews on your website, thus assisting in creating a sense of togetherness.

Social Media

Online Marketing for local business will allow you take advantage of the widespread importance of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.. The influence of social media is very expansive and increases revenue by a certain percentage. You can easily take advantage of social media influence to boost your revenue, by using social media in your advertising strategies.



Is Your Website Optimised for Googles Mobile Update?

The Official Google Update is here. Given that Google is a huge part of the lives of many web users, it’s most likely the greatest modification for the past three years. Moreover, it is also a pointer of the brilliantly high-minded, yet profoundly self-centered way of how Google uses its market power to speed up modifications throughout the whole internet.

On April the 21st 2015, Google introduced its mobile-friendly algorithm update, having a site which is user friendly on mobile and tablet devices is going to be vital. This modification strengthens Google’s focus on mobile surfing. Google’s Mobile-Friendly update is expected to cause an impact that is greater than that triggered by the penguin and the Panda updates, which affected over 3% and 12% of search results respectively.

With the Google Mobile-Friendly Update, searchers are now going able to source relevant and top quality search results that have readable text without the need to zoom or tap. The page eludes horizontal scrolling & unplayable content.

Things that were noted during this update included things like, the influence it had on just search engine result rankings on mobile devices only. It affected all results around the world, but only targeted pages instead of complete websites. What this meant, was if your websites home page was responsive, but the the blog pages were not, then only those pages would be affected.

The benefits of mobile online search engine optimisation aren’t only great for Customers and Google, even the web site owners have a lot to benefit. Internet sites that are mobile optimised get more of the visitors that are on the go, which in turn may enhance the business return on investment.

Even though the mobile-friendly modification is considerable, Google still utilizes several other Search Engine Optimisation signals to rank search engine result. The search inquiry’s intent is still a strong signal; for that reason, even when a particular page isn’t mobile friendly but has high quality content, it might still be ranked high due to its high quality material.

If the pages of your site aren’t mobile-friendly, its mobile traffic from Google search might decrease substantially. You can speed up the process by making use of Googles Mobile Friendly Test Tool to tool so that your website’s pages can be dealt with as mobile friendly in the search results ranking.



Birthday Theme Designs

Cakes, gifts, decoration, return gifts, appetizers are common in parties and especially when you are throwing these parties for your kids. Today little girls want girl’s theme parties and little boys want boy’s theme parties. These conflicts usually occur at birthdays or other parties and parents also have to fulfill their desires so as to make them happy. There are some examples of both gender themes; I hope that it will help you to choose.

Starting with girl’s theme parties, girls usually like pink and soft themes and some relative examples are as follows:

  • Barbie themes: Barbie dolls, Barbie cakes can go with your themes. There are several accessories available in the market which resemble Barbie, you can have them and add in your party. Or you can surprise your kid by giving her, her own Barbie theme room with Barbie imprinted curtains, bed sheets, and wallpapers etc.
  • Cinderella jumping castles: Perth hire Inclusion of Cinderella jumping castles in the Cinderella theme party can fill a joy in your kid as well as in you also. In addition to this you can get a Cinderella cake, Cinderella dress, stickers with pink background in the venue. You can also conduct a small play including Cinderella.

These castles are also available for adults who gather in kids parties mostly conducted in open space or parks as the adults are present there for long time so they can also enjoy with the kids sideways regardless of size and age.

  • Ballerina/dance party: Tulle cake and cupcake skirts can go with your theme perfectly. Ballerina outfits can also go successfully.
  • Minnie mouse party: If your little girl is a Minnie mouse fan then go for this theme.
  • Cowgirl party: Metals boots with cowgirl outfits and horse wallpapers can enlighten the cow girl theme easily. You can also add some of your own ideas.

Now talking about boys as we all know they like to be tough and some of the relative examples are as follows:

  • Mickey Mouse Bouncy castle hire Perth: These castles can be installed in your Mickey Mouse theme parties and can add a lot of enthusiasm as well as joy among the kids and youngsters also. For both the ages you need to tell the suppliers first so as to get better jumping structure.
  • Pirate theme party: You can include posters of pirate ships in the venue; you can go for red and black theme costume or jack sparrow theme costumes. Eye patches, red bags, gold coins, and pirate hats can give an extra outlook to your party.
  • Cowboy party: A cowboy theme party can be completed by including cow boy costumes, artificial horses, tables looking like wagon and venue looking like a dusty and leathery area. You can also add an extra effect by adding music and cow boy theme jumping castles in the party.
  • Madagascar party: If your kid is a Madagascar fan then undoubtedly you should go for this theme. You can indulge your own ideas or you can choose it from here. You can have Madagascar theme cake, penguin cupcakes. For giving a jungle view you can add paw prints on the floor; venue decorated with helium balloons, leaves, jungle posters etc; marshmallow hippos and masks resembling Alex, Gloria and melman etc can take you right into the Madagascar movie.
  • Ben 10 party: Ben 10 theme cake, stickers, outfits and games can make this theme more enthusiastic.