Little Bookkeeping Secrets Everyone Should Know

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As a local business, we all feel the frustrations of keeping updated with your books, especially during tax time. Bookkeepers have saved me time and money. That is a truth that is acknowledged by all accountants and bookkeepers since there is so much that can be learned through the years. However, beginners and novices can jumpstart their knowledge by learning a few trade secrets that every bookkeeper should know.

Secrets Revealed

Bookkeeping is not as difficult as others would think it is. In fact, it gets easier as time passes by because transactions are often routinary and they tend to repeat on a daily basis. However, for beginners, it can be a rather daunting task. To help out new bookkeepers, here are a few tips that can lighten their load.

  1. Get all details first before making an entry. What usually causes errors is not having sufficient information on the side of bookkeepers. Details have to be complete and confirmed before it is to be recorded. A lot of errors could be avoided this way and it will also make any bookkeeper’s life easier. Having all the details makes it easier to make the entries accurately.
  2. Keep track of all entries. This would mean making corresponding entry numbers for each entry. This is also extremely useful in tracking down certain entries as they are already pre-numbered. This is also a form of check and balance as entries that are not made timely cannot be inserted anymore. It is safer for business owners to have this system because it will make the bookkeepers more alert and consistent in making entries on a timely basis.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If there are any errors encountered, newbies should not be despair because that is the beauty of accounting. Any error can easily be remedied through adjusting entries. Also, errors are good experiences and they often have more impact than any other entries that have been made.

I hope this has been a helpful resource for you and if you’re like me where you prefer the professionals to do the work, then contact and ask for Jan. Tell her Kim sent you! :)

Watch this video from Quickbooks

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The Kids Are Gonna Love YA!

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Toy Story JumpPlanning a kid’s party can be a lot of fun. This is like going back to our childhood days and reliving how easily we can have fun over the simplest things. And so it is deeply satisfying when you plan out a kid’s party. There are so many things that you have to consider though. The food has to be good yet attractive enough to pique their interest. Games have to be planned and decorations have to be age appropriate. One thing that we must never forget is that kids would have a lot of energy and keep playing all throughout the party. This is not something that we can control and we have to let them do what they want to. However, they may potentially destroy or break something if there is no proper venue where they can play freely. Also it would be a problem watching over a dozen kids just to make sure no one gets hurt.

This problem can easily be answered if we get a bouncy castle hire. In Perth, this will provide a good place from which kids can release their energy in a safe and fun way. We wouldn’t have to worry that they will break something as the bouncy castle can easily contain them in a safe environment while having lots of fun at the same time. They can jump up and down, side to side and not cause any damage to their surroundings and to their selves. It is easily a win-win situation. This is probable why bouncy castles have gained popularity in the recent years as this is a great way to let kids enjoy themselves in a safe manner.

So when planning our party, let us not miss out on the important things that kids love in every party – a big colourful cake, games and party loot and a big bouncy castle.

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Why We Chose Artificial Turf For Our Home

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Artificial-Grass-Perth-Synthetic-Turf-Fake-Grass-Astro-TurfPeople might wonder why there is a need to use artificial grass. True, there is hardly any maintenance or upkeep in tending your artificial grass. Putting them together can also be done a lot faster than your real live ones. But still, a lot of people would look quizzically at artificial grass when they encounter them in stores. We have decided to invest in artificial grass for our home in Perth.

Artificial grass has become popular in the recent years. There are a lot of creative people who saw the potential of using them in various ways without expending too much effort. Caravans would showcase a lot of different things but it would get too dull if there are no decorations at all. Gardens would make a nice setting but putting a real one together takes a lot of time and it would get too expensive. Also, some areas for the convention would not allow the use of soil inside their premises. Artificial grass can recreate the effect of having a live garden inside the premises of the caravan. And since it will not die or fade away, people would not have to worry about stepping on them all the time.

Artificial grass, also called Synthetic Turf in Perth is also very easy to store away. Unlike real grass that has to be planted elsewhere immediately in order to keep them alive, artificial grass can be stocked and piled up. They can be stored elsewhere and then just taken out when there is a need to use them again. They are very practical and convenient to use especially for temporary set-ups. People can easily design and landscape what they want and not have to feel sad when it is being taken away because there is less time spent than having to put up a real garden.

Artificial grass serves more as a decoration. That is why it is easy to put on and take away when the time comes. These are very practical for functions that would require their use. That is why artificial grass has become popular in the recent years.

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Powder Room Decor

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Remodeling can be tough, especially if your idea seems a little bit out of place. There are some times when you feel that your designer is putting down all your ideas and making you give up on the more important aspects of your dream bathroom. Bathroom renovations in Perth have become so popular that it seems that every person’s design is being copied by another. This of course does not augur well with most people, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd rather than fit in.

Bathroom Renovations PerthThere is however a variety of things you can choose from before making your choice about how you would like your house to look. The best thing about bathroom remodeling is that you are allowed to become as creative as you want and are given as much time and space to go completely crazy with your remodeling, This is because, unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom is an area where just your or your family members have access to, so it doesn’t really matter whether you have guests over or not, they may never use your bathroom anyway!

Master en suite bedrooms also leave a lot of room for imagination and design. If you are the only people who are going to have access to your bedroom, you can think of a few ways to spruce it up and liven up your love life. You can incorporate candle holders, champagne holders, his and hers towel holders and if you don’t like the aspect of sharing the bathroom sink, you can get one for her dressing and another for his shaving purposes. That way, you do not have to keep continuously arguing about who did this or that.

You may also want to use curtain showers that are best suited to create an explosive atmosphere. The best thing about remodeling is that you can always incorporate a number of things to make your bathroom look and feel like your own. If you have the funds, you can add medicine cabinets above your sink and have each one tailor made for every member in the family. When you are redoing your guest bedroom, make sure that you keep the designs simple since you won’t be spending most f your time in there. However make sure that you use easy to clean materials so that you have less cleaning to worry about even when your guest(s) has left. Go on; find an agency that deals Perth Renovation Group and get yourself some bathroom glamour!

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My Thoughts on Decorative Concrete instead of Paving

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What has to be the most discussed concrete solution in Perth. Exposed aggregate concrete adds worth to any framework without spending a lot.

Exposed aggregate is a sophisticated look for your concrete patio area, pathways, pool surrounds, and garages. Depending upon your choice of colored rock, you could make any type of area appearance classical or modern. These exposed aggregate concretes are also strongly practical. Besides for decorative objectives, you can use them as a non-slip area.

Exposed could be combined with a variety from the concrete Coloured range to develop a genuinely special surface of structure and shade. They could easily match any sort of outside, particularly due to the fact that they are elegant and great to look at. Whatever architectural style, theme, or motif you think, our exposed aggregate could certainly aid you attain it.

This approach of laying concrete is a lot more cost effective compared to you could assume. They are additionally much more versatile, as they provide you with unlimited area dimension, alternative kinds of accumulations, and an assortment of various other styling techniques. You could integrate different procedures and materials, and create distinct designs for your structure.

What Exactly is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete has a tough and crude structure, which is just what provides it a distinct feel and look. This is produced by allowing stones and other products to be noticeable on the top layer of concrete. There are different techniques for providing exposed aggregate concrete, which allows for an endless lot of alternatives. Look at the images here to see the large range of designs.

Among the most well-liked approaches starts by laying concrete in the common way by staking kind boards in to the right postions, pouring the concrete mixture over the foundations and dispersing it uniformly.

A retarder is the put over the leading of the exposed aggregate this quits the area from going hard.

After the concrete has actually been setting for regarding three or four hours relying on weather elements, The accumulation is after that cleaned off to expose the stone.

Aggregate subjected concrete makes a lovely and long lasting surface area that is wonderful for high website traffic locations such as plazas, pathways, garages and even more. An additional benefit is that it creates an area that reduces skidding, also when it is moist. This makes pool areas, patio areas and paths a lot more secure for anybody to walk on.

Aggregate exposed concrete can even be put on wall surfaces, facades and various other upright frameworks. This reveals the efficiency and flexibility of this method. If you want learning a lot more concerning aggregate subjected concrete, call among our pleasant agents today. We can even supply you with a complimentary quote.

How you can Select the Right Sort of Exposed Aggregate

If you are interested in having exposed aggregate concrete on your home, it could be tough to select among the almost unlimited options. Feel free to provide us a telephone call if you need aid choosing which choice is best for you. Right here are some of the main things to consider:.

Colour: The finished shade depends upon both the shade of the concrete and the material or crushed rock used to develop the area. The best combination depends on your individual preferences, along with the color of your house, yard and landscape. We can accommodate color mixes that create a consistent look by blending and matching the concrete colour with that said of the accumulation.

Size, Form and Gradation: Aggregates are available in a 7mm rock and 10mm rock, Our representitives can explain all this when visiting you property for your main quotation.

Expense: An additional factor to consider is the overall prices considering that some products are more expensive to use than others. We have a large range of surface products and financing choices, which enables us to conveniently accommodate most spending plans.

Another form of decorative concrete which I have heard about is Liquid Limestone. My friends have mentioned about this company, which specialise in both these services.

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Birthday Theme Designs

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Cakes, gifts, decoration, return gifts, appetizers are common in parties and especially when you are throwing these parties for your kids. Today little girls want girl’s theme parties and little boys want boy’s theme parties. These conflicts usually occur at birthdays or other parties and parents also have to fulfill their desires so as to make them happy. There are some examples of both gender themes; I hope that it will help you to choose.

Starting with girl’s theme parties, girls usually like pink and soft themes and some relative examples are as follows:

  • Barbie themes: Barbie dolls, Barbie cakes can go with your themes. There are several accessories available in the market which resemble Barbie, you can have them and add in your party. Or you can surprise your kid by giving her, her own Barbie theme room with Barbie imprinted curtains, bed sheets, and wallpapers etc.
  • Cinderella jumping castles: Perth hire Inclusion of Cinderella jumping castles in the Cinderella theme party can fill a joy in your kid as well as in you also. In addition to this you can get a Cinderella cake, Cinderella dress, stickers with pink background in the venue. You can also conduct a small play including Cinderella.

These castles are also available for adults who gather in kids parties mostly conducted in open space or parks as the adults are present there for long time so they can also enjoy with the kids sideways regardless of size and age.

  • Ballerina/dance party: Tulle cake and cupcake skirts can go with your theme perfectly. Ballerina outfits can also go successfully.
  • Minnie mouse party: If your little girl is a Minnie mouse fan then go for this theme.
  • Cowgirl party: Metals boots with cowgirl outfits and horse wallpapers can enlighten the cow girl theme easily. You can also add some of your own ideas.

Now talking about boys as we all know they like to be tough and some of the relative examples are as follows:

  • Mickey Mouse Bouncy castle hire Perth: These castles can be installed in your Mickey Mouse theme parties and can add a lot of enthusiasm as well as joy among the kids and youngsters also. For both the ages you need to tell the suppliers first so as to get better jumping structure.
  • Pirate theme party: You can include posters of pirate ships in the venue; you can go for red and black theme costume or jack sparrow theme costumes. Eye patches, red bags, gold coins, and pirate hats can give an extra outlook to your party.
  • Cowboy party: A cowboy theme party can be completed by including cow boy costumes, artificial horses, tables looking like wagon and venue looking like a dusty and leathery area. You can also add an extra effect by adding music and cow boy theme jumping castles in the party.
  • Madagascar party: If your kid is a Madagascar fan then undoubtedly you should go for this theme. You can indulge your own ideas or you can choose it from here. You can have Madagascar theme cake, penguin cupcakes. For giving a jungle view you can add paw prints on the floor; venue decorated with helium balloons, leaves, jungle posters etc; marshmallow hippos and masks resembling Alex, Gloria and melman etc can take you right into the Madagascar movie.
  • Ben 10 party: Ben 10 theme cake, stickers, outfits and games can make this theme more enthusiastic.
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Solar Cars the Future?

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“Practical” solar car hits the road in Sydney

Vehicles play an important part in our life, without them we are unable to accomplish any task on time. With passing time varieties of vehicles hit the market and the most commonly used vehicle by the public is car. About 70 percent of the population uses car for its domestic purposes or some other purposes. These vehicles are also the source of causing air pollution and increased greenhouse effect as they release large amount of carbon dioxide and other gases.

In order to compensate these drawbacks of the normal cars, solar cars have been introduced in the market since twenty years and as its name they get power from the solar energy for its working. They are still not so popular in the public but in the future they have the chance to gain popularity as the prices of petrol and diesel are rising day by day. Imagine you take a solar car to work at a short distance from home and Then Park it in sunlight and it get charged on itself and then you can use it again for going back home. How wonderful that will be? It seems like renewable source which you can use again and again without doing any expenses.

Now talking about solar cars, a variety of solar cars are available in the markets such as racing cars, golf carts or as regular cars.

Solar Power Brisbane

Solar racing cars are expensive and they usually consist of sitting for one or two people. The main reason behind the excessive cost is the use of large number of solar panels in the manufacturing of solar car. They are installed so as to provide power to the car. The racing cars also possess titanium composites, carbon fiber and fiber glass which are mainly used in the manufacturing of fighter jets. They are also expensive due to the hand works being done and they are also made on orders.

Talking about the working of solar powered cars, they work efficiently in the presence of sunlight and most of the cars also possess battery backup. The produced electricity is used for running the car and if it is not consumed then it get stored in the batteries for later use or when the weather is cloudy. The batteries mainly consist of nickel or lithium or lead also. The wheels are usually three in solar cars and for reducing friction wheels are generally made narrow.

Advantages of solar cars:

  • They are able to utilize their full power unlike cars relying upon petrol or diesel.
  • They do not require any maintenance.
  • They do not cause air pollution.
  • They do not require any expenses for running as they do not need any fuel for running.
  • The batteries can be used for charging electric or hybrid cars also.

Disadvantages of solar cars:

  • They do not possess same power or speed just like regular cars.
  • They can run only for limited distance, if they do not get exposed to sunlight anymore.
  • They are expensive and can cost you nearly $200,000 or more.
  • In the rainy season they can’t get charged so they seem to be non working in these cases due to which some peoples do not prefer solar cars.

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The Beginning….

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Welcome to Mojo Collections.  We live a life of happiness with Jesus. On my blog I will share my journey of being a mum raising 2 kids. I love my life, I love my family, I love God. I enjoy blogging about home designs, life and experiences that are unforgettable.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you can find some inspiration from my experiences.

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